Big Time Rush Imagines
Hey I saw the post/gif you had about sydney falling on fox? Do you have any idea of what I can type into youtube to find the video? Thanks!

You know, I have no idea what the video is called. I found a video about Big Time Rush Funny Moments and made the gif of it. I’m sorry but if I find it, I’ll definitely give you the name of the video.

James Imagine

Imagine cuddling with James, watching tv.

Imagine walking in on Kendall doing that^^.

Imagine walking in on Kendall doing that^^.

Imagine Logan getting upset because they’re going on tour, and you can’t go with them.

Big Time Rush Imagine

Imagine being (Y/F/B)’s Worldwide girl.

(A/N: I was Logan’s once! :) I almost died on stage. Haha! Anyway, Y/F/B means your favorite boy. Hope you like it.)

Carlos Imagine

Imagine cuddling with Carlos, while petting Sydney.

James Imagine

Imagine James singing to you.

Kendall Imagine

Imagine after a meal with Kendall’s parents, his mom hugs you and says, “Welcome to the family, (Y/N)”.